Effective communication is important for everyone,

including those working in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and any other field where technical writing is required. Effective communication skills—be it engineering writing, medical writing, technical writing, or any other kind of STEM writing—can help determine what job you get; what funding you secure; what articles you publish; and how your research impacts not only your field but also the local, national, and global community.

At The STEM Writing Institute (SWI), we offer virtual, in-person, and custom writing courses and one-on-one consultations for STEM graduate students, English Language Learners, and industry professionals who want to improve their writing.

Flexible SWI Writing Courses

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All are welcome at SWI, but those who will benefit the most from the writing-intensive nature of the courses are technical writers, STEM graduate students and post-docs, English Language Learners in STEM fields, and STEM faculty and industry professionals who want to improve their writing.

The STEM Writing Institute's writing workshops provide participants with:

  • A better understanding of the writing process and STEM publication requirements
  • Writing lessons that provide you with concrete tools to improve your writing
  • Opportunities for networking and future collaborations
  • Confidence in your writing
  • Individualized and detailed feedback on a piece of your writing (one-on-one consultations only)
  • Revised draft ready for final proofread and submission (resulting from a series of one-on-one consultations)

What Our Clients Say

  • Dr. Scarff’s feedback on my writing style has been very helpful and boosted my confidence in my writing.

  • I will take what I learned with me as I continue on with graduate school in the fall and my career beyond that.

  • Dr. Scarff made sure to give constructive feedback on all of the work that I submitted so I knew how to improve my writing.