Courses & Consultations

Flexible SWI Writing Courses

Choose the right SWI option for you.


Virtual SWI Writing Course

Cost: Varies based on course length ($19-$39 per course)

Duration: Varies


Virtual SWI writing courses can include lessons about common STEM genres, such as technical reports, literature reviews, proposals, and journal articles; writing structure and organization lessons; and sentence-level writing lessons, such as concision, nominalizations, subject/verb agreement, pronoun/antecedent agreement, exaggerated and hedging language, verb tense, language (in)consistencies, visual presentations, and more. SWI’s virtual Writing Courses teach participants how to revise their writing so it is more effective while also providing participants with a deeper understanding of common technical genres and a deeper understanding of how to organize a larger writing project. Participants are not required to bring a piece of their own writing for virtual courses. Register today!

Custom SWI Writing Course

Cost: Varies based on course duration and curriculum

Duration: Varies based on specific goals


Custom SWI writing courses are tailored to fit your specific needs. We will work with you on both the medium of the SWI course and the curriculum. If you have a group of STEM professionals (graduate students, faculty, or industry professionals) who needs help with their writing, email or use our Contact Us page to schedule a consultation with an SWI team member to create your Custom SWI Writing Course.

Individualized Feedback

Cost: Free 30-minute consultation; feedback price varies based on length of document

Duration: Varies based on specific goals and deadlines


One-on-one consultations provide individualized feedback on a piece of your writing. Consultations are tailored to fit your specific needs, be it help with document structure; document organization; or paragraph-, sentence-, and word-level writing. Feedback is provided for a number of genres, such as dissertations, journal articles, technical reports, and more. Contact Us today for a free personalized assessment of your project.